Big congratulations to Tanya & Heather, celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary today! Congrats! (with Rettie & Layne) – Indianapolis, IN

Ron & Ronna – Alexandria, IN


Congratulations to Kenneth and Tonya who are getting married today! – Marion, IN


The Cano family – Evansville, IN

The Graham, Spreng & Heidinger families – Fort Wayne, IN

The Turner family – New Castle, IN

DaVanna, Brendon, David & Alyssa – Fort Wayne, IN

Nathalie, Rosita, Stephanie, Derrio, Neisha, Azaria, Christopher, Sonia, & Antonio – Jefferson, IN

Corey, Dominic, Miles & Heather – Indianapolis, IN


Jackson, Rob, Lauryn & Melissa – Indianapolis, IN