John & Marjana – Fort Drum, NY

John & Marjana are currently serving in Afghanistan while their son Aidan is with the grandparents back in the States. Everyday, Aidain’s grandparents show him these photos of his parents, “so he knows who mommy and daddy are while we are away in Afghanistan.”

In Marjana’s words: “We haven’t see Aidan since we left him a few days after Christmas when he was barely 6 months old. He is now 1. I’ve attached a photo from when all three of us were last together over Christmas, Aidan’s Baptism before we left for Afghanistan, and updated photos of my husband and I in Afghanistan, as well as an updated photo of 1-year-old Aidan.”

Thank you, John & Marjana for sharing your family’s photos with us, and thank you for your service to the country.