When we started We Are the 15 Percent, we wanted to be sure we could manage the flow of submissions, as well as have a handle on the conversation – which had really spun-out-of-control on the YouTube page of the Cheerios ad.

Personally, we’re fans of the wide-open-Web, which doesn’t require passwords, logins and myriad privacy settings. So we built a site that could be viewed by anyone, anywhere, and we stayed away from Facebook.

After finding out last week there was an unofficial Facebook page using our “We Are the 15%” name, we decided to finally venture over there and set-up an official page.

You’ll find it here: https://www.facebook.com/WeAreThe15

Like it, and follow along!

Our plan is to co-publish all of the new pictures from the site to Facebook, in addition to re-publishing a selection of photos from the archive.

We may “loosen” who can post to the page over time. Managing one site’s workflow is a task we take seriously – managing two separate sites & workflows may not be tenable. So please be patient with us while we figure it out, “like” the page if you want to follow along, and share it with your friends.

And seriously, thank you for your support!

(And a tip o’ the hat to Sara Taylor.)