Two years ago today, we launched a small project that quickly grew into something unbelievable. became our daily labor of love, a crowd-sourced photo album reflecting the changing nature of the American family.

While the response and participation in the project is still humbling, there’s nothing better than coming home from a long day of work, opening the archive, finding a great photo (it’s you!), loading it into the site, and clicking “Publish”.

Our joy in keeping the project rolling has been exponential. We’re expecting our 2nd child this fall, and it’s been interesting seeing the world shift a little bit more in “our” direction in the last two years. It has, hasn’t it?

Over time, we’ve heard stories you’ve shared about how the site/project/15% has impacted your own life/lives. We’d be interested in hearing more, if you have a second.

As we turn into the third year of publishing this incredible archive of your photos, we appreciate your attention, your urging, your patience & support.

Please share with a friend, and we’ll keep this rolling into its third year!


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