Calen, Christopher, Christina, Nicole, Jaden, Monroe, Monroe Sr, Betty, Robert, Robbie & Victoria – New Hampton, NY

Angelina & Kenny – San Diego, CA

The Vazquez family – Tampa, FL

The Dawson family – Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Terry, Carol & Sarah, in 1978; and Terry, Carol & Sarah, with Sarah’s daughters, Melodie & Aria – Anaheim, CA

Rafael, Mary and Felix (married 34 years), Sarah and Devin (married 4 years), baby Miles, Julie & Clayton (married 3 years) – Chicago, IL

The Torruella family – Fairfax, VA

Becky, Greg, Nurin, Bill, Margene, Aliyyah, Arianna, and Evan
Pittsburgh, PA; Mount Pleasant, SC; and Conway, SC

Elaine, Mehki, Marcos, Portia – Seattle, WA

The Pifer family, celebrating their 12th anniversary today. Congrats! – North Port, FL