We occasionally receive multiple photos from families, and while we usually try to keep things uniform by publishing just one, the treasure-trove we received from Robert & Jean from Minnesota seemed too great to not share.They’ve been together for 29+ years, have been married for 27, have two kids and a grandchild. Big kudos to Robert & Jean! – St. Paul, MN

Three vintage photographs from the Custodio family of Akron, OH (long-time supporters of this project). Ramon & Romayne on their wedding day on April 27, 1957, plus a photograph of the kids (Paul, David & Lisa) with Romayne, and mom & dad relaxing poolside.

Tony & Lisa at their wedding in 1991; in the late 90s with their two children Malcom & Yolanda; and the whole family at Yolanda’s recent graduation – Portland, OR

Quan-Yang, Emily, Katherine & Ann – San Francisco, CA. Quan-Yang & Ann celebrated their 30th anniversary this year!

The Vickery family, in 1989, and today – Austin, TX

The Smith family – Los Angeles, CA

The Soltis family – St. Cloud, Minnesota (1977 & 2012)

The Harris family – Las Vegas, NV