We occasionally receive multiple photos from families, and while we usually try to keep things uniform by publishing just one, the treasure-trove we received from Robert & Jean from Minnesota seemed too great to not share.They’ve been together for 29+ years, have been married for 27, have two kids and a grandchild. Big kudos to Robert & Jean! – St. Paul, MN

Cameron & Riley – Minneapolis, MN

Amod, Anisha & Traci – Marshall, MN

The Lowery family – Minneapolis, MN

The Luu family – Eagan, MN

The Aird-Williams family – Minneapolis, MN

The Sumulong family – Eagan, MN

The Mcintosh sisters – Minneapolis, MN

Eva, Leo & Habtu – Minneapolis, MN

Sarai, Aquilla & Jonny – Minneapolis, MN