It’s great to see the new Super Bowl commercial from Cheerios, featuring the same family from last year’s “Just Checking”. It’s a heartwarming continuation of the family’s story, and it’s set to air during the first-half of the game.

For us, and this project, it’s satisfying to see the story continue, because it renews a visible commitment to families like ours. Like yours! And without that first commercial, We Are the 15% would have never happened – how would we have spent the last 8 months? ; )

Stuart Elliott from the New York Times breaks it down in tonight’s story “An American Family Returns to the Table”:

“There were several potential commercials that executives considered for the Super Bowl, she added, and the one that brought back the interracial family “ended up being the spot sparking the most” interest, partly because of the performance of the 7-year-old actress who plays the daughter; she is named Grace Colbert and in the spot is called Grace or Gracie.”