The Archerd family (1982) – Reno, NV

Alan, Kristen, and Suk Kyoung in Fort Bragg, NC & Brookings, SD

Terry, Carol & Sarah, in 1978; and Terry, Carol & Sarah, with Sarah’s daughters, Melodie & Aria – Anaheim, CA

Michael & Valerie – Moorsetown, NJ, pictured here in a family portrait with their daughters Veronica, Penelope, Cassandra; on their wedding day (and graduation day!) in 1981; and this weekend in Washington, DC, during festivities for the 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington.

Gaylord & Cheryl are celebrating their 24th anniversary today! – Pembrooke Pines, FL

Tony & Lisa at their wedding in 1991; in the late 90s with their two children Malcom & Yolanda; and the whole family at Yolanda’s recent graduation – Portland, OR

Quan-Yang, Emily, Katherine & Ann – San Francisco, CA. Quan-Yang & Ann celebrated their 30th anniversary this year!

The Vickery family, in 1989, and today – Austin, TX

The Smith family – Los Angeles, CA

In the top photo, from the Athens Marathon in 1979, sisters Niki and Maria with their parents, Georgia-Stella and Ernest. Below, Michael & Maria, from Los Angeles, CA